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While filming a television commercial in a state park, an independent television director instructed an actor to step backwards for another take; the actor stepped backwards, lost his balance and fell off a cliff, sustaining serious injuries.  AGF&J represented the television network that had hired the independent director to write and direct the commercial.  The independent director alleged that she was an employee of the network and, therefore, the network should bear responsibility for the accident.  The Appellate Division unanimously reversed the decision of the court below and awarded summary judgment to the network, holding that the director was an independent contractor, rather than an employee, and that network bore no responsibility because it did not have control over the physical details of the shoot, such as where the actor was directed to stand.

Appellate practice requires a level of expertise and professionalism over and above that of trial court practice, as well as strict adherence to the varied rules of the Appellate Courts.  AGF&J's appellate attorneys are confident and proficient in representing our clients as both appellants and respondents in New York State's four Appellate Divisions, the New York State Court of Appeals and United States Circuit Courts of Appeals.  Often, the appellate attorney also handled the matter at the trial level, resulting in a familiarity with the nuances of the case that would not be possible to achieve with outside appellate counsel. 

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