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Products Liability

The plaintiff, a county government employee, alleged that a chair manufactured by AGF&J's client collapsed as she attempted to sit on it in her employer's lunchroom.  Before suit was commenced, the chair was discarded by plaintiff's employer, eliminating any chance for AGF&J's expert to examine it.  At trial, plaintiff relied heavily on the testimony of a co-worker who allegedly witnessed the accident.  On cross-examination, AGF&J's attorney elicited the co-worker's concession that he was reading the newspaper at the time of the accident and did not witness how the accident occurred.  At the close of the evidence, the jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of AGF&J's client.

National and international retailers, manufacturers and distributors of products as varied as watercraft, saunas, office equipment, breast implants, industrial machinery and latex products have trusted AGF&J to defend their interests in cases involving breach of warranty claims and product liability litigation resulting from the design, manufacture and sale of their products.

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