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First-Party and Third-Party Property Defense

A jewelry manufacturer claimed that during the course of a robbery in which $5 million in gold bars were stolen, he was bound, gagged and slashed with a knife by the alleged perpetrators.  The wounds required more than 100 sutures.  He submitted a claim to his insurance company for the allegedly stolen goods and later brought suit against his insurer when the insurer refused to pay the claim.  Based on the testimony of AGF&J's forensic expert and our cross-examination of the jeweler and his experts, AGF&J was able to persuade the jury that the jeweler's wounds were self-inflicted and the claimed robbery was a sham.  The jury needed to deliberate for only 40 minutes to reach this verdict.

A cornerstone of AGF&J's practice has been first-party and third-party property defense litigation.  We have represented domestic and international insurers and Underwriters at Lloyd's in a wide variety of property claims under fire, jewelers block, inland marine and other types of policies.  Cases have included fraudulent jewelry losses, arson fires, misrepresentation and breach of warranty, business interruption and fire losses stemming from defective products.  Our attorneys conduct examinations under oath and oversee claims investigations, coordinating the efforts of forensic accountants, fire investigators, metallurgists, security specialists and other experts.

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