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The plaintiff was operating an electric scissors-lift during the construction of a self-storage facility owned by AGF&J's client.  While attempting to steer the elevated lift through a doorway, plaintiff failed to sufficiently lower the lift and his head became wedged between the doorjamb and the lift, resulting in a fractured jaw and the loss of several teeth.  AGF&J's attorneys argued that although the lift was elevated at the time of the accident, the accident was not "height-related" as defined by New York State Labor Law because the plaintiff and the doorframe that injured him were at the same height at the time of the accident.  The court agreed and awarded summary judgment to AGF&J's client.

New York construction accident cases, governed by the Labor Law, often involve complex issues, severe injuries and high exposure.  AGF&J's litigation attorneys defend owners, general contractors, sub-contractors and employers in such cases.  The firm's coverage attorneys analyze and interpret construction contracts and insurance policies in connection with indemnification and coverage issues; we also litigate declaratory judgment actions arising from these disputes.

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