Berlin on faculty of October seminars

Steven M. Berlin appeared with group of legal and insurance industry experts at the FOJP Insurance Risk Management Advisory Services team seminar "Managing Your Organization's Workers' Compensation Program" on October 19, 2016. The panel addressed a variety of topics related to Workers Compensation program management, such as understanding and navigating the intersection of the ADA, FMLA and Workers Compensation; developing an effective return to work strategy; and understanding fraudulent activity, including the legal definition, utilizing social media to investigate, and addressing fraud with the Workers Compensation Board.

Berlin was also the featured presenter in a live webinar entitled "New York's New Parental Leave Law: What You Need to Know" on October 26, 2016. Topics included: Who Is Covered by State Mandated Paid Family Leave; How Much Leave Is Provided; How and How Much Are Employees Paid; Effective Dates and Employer and Employee Obligations; Contents of a Parental Leave Policy; and New York State's new paid family leave benefits. The seminar addressed how these new leave laws enhance existing parental leave protection, how to recognize what employers are covered by these new leave laws and what they need to do to get ready for new law's effective date, and the scope of parental leave benefits now available to New York employees.

Steven M. Berlin, Esq. is Of Counsel to the office of Abrams, Gorelick, Friedman & Jacobson, LLP. His practice emphasizes all aspects of Employment and Labor Law. Berlin conducts regular seminars and workshops on numerous topics related to Employment Law, such as Family and Medical Leave, Interplay of Leave Laws with Workers Compensation, Paid Sick Leave Laws and Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination.

For more information about New York's new Parental Leave law, or Workers Compensation, contact Steven Berlin at 212-422-1200 or by email at