Sandy Team featured in Law360 Article

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AGF&J partners Glenn A. Jacobson and Gabrielle Puchalsky were featured in a recent article published in Law360 which discussed current issues in first party coverage litigation arising out of Superstorm Sandy. Jacobson and Puchalsky commented upon the recent decision in Wakefern v. Lexington Ins. Co., in which a New Jersey court held that a named-storm deductible applied to a $54 million Sandy claim.

Law360 is a subscription based, legal news service operated by the Portfolio Media company a subsidiary of LexisNexis.

AGF&J's Sandy team has extensive experience in analyzing, advising on, negotiating and litigating Sandy claims, and its members have written and lectured on various insurance-related issues relating to the storm.

For assistance with any Sandy or other property insurance matter, please contact Glenn A. Jacobson or Gabrielle Puchalsky.